About Piotr Kula

I founded my company, Kula Solutions LTD on 1st July 2014.
With the increasing amount of work I was doing outside my day job, I finally decided that it was time to form my own company. I can now offer dedicated time to existing and new customers who are serious about creating software or hardware solutions for their companies.

Have a look around my offical site and see what I have been doing. Please feel free to contact me about anything that you might be interested in doing.

I wrote Raspberry Pi Server Essentials and then Raspberry Pi Server Essentials 2 with the intention to help people understand the basics of Linux, using fun ideas on an incredible credit card sized computer. I myself, have learnt so much more about Linux by writing Raspberry Pi Server Essentials If you are unfamiliar with Linux, but interested in a Raspberry Pi, I think my book will help you going in the correct direction.

  • Use Raspberry Pi as a low cost network storage device
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a media server to stream media to your network
  • Configure a web server using PHP and work with databases

I continuously work with a team of highly qualified people to deliver cutting edge solutions to businesses that urgently need to be connected to the internet. I am part of designing system foundations and creating structured data frameworks. I use Visual Studio and write code in C#, utilizing MVC.NET for rapid web page development. I am also familiar with semantic HTML5, CSS3 and scripting with jQuery.